Simple Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight

Improving Your Eyesight pictureIn this article, you are going to learn some simple exercises that will help you dramatically improve your eyesight. To see improvement in your vision, you must do these exercises every day, and you must not wear any glasses or contact lenses that you have whilst doing the exercises. They are designed to strengthen your eye muscles, and to get them to work much better. The exercises do not take long to do, and, with the exception of Exercise 1, can be all be completed in about 10 minutes.

Exercise 1

Look at the sun with your eyes closed. If there is no sun, you can use full spectrum (natural) light bulbs for the same results. This provides your eyes with valuable vitamins and also improves your memory and health. This should be done for between 5-15 minutes.

Exercise 2

This exercise is called watching the colours. Look towards the sun for 15-20 seconds with your eyes closed, and massage the eyeballs with your fingertips for 15-20 seconds. Then move your head away from the sun, and then back towards the sun. You will experience a whole range of colours in your vision. The colours are in your quantum mechanical body. Hold your attention on the colours and try to maintain the experience of them.

Exercise 3

These exercises help improve the flexibility and pliability of the lens.

  • Focussing: look at an object close to you, then one that is far away, e.g. your hand 6 inches in front of eyes, then something far away, e.g. the horizon. Repeat this 15 – 20 times. This changes the focal length of the lens and makes it more flexible.
  • Distant reading: Take some written material, pin it on wall, and stand as far away as possible for comfortable reading. Each day move back a little bit further, but still allowing for comfortable reading.
  • Close Reading: Read something as close to your eyes as is comfortable, and bring it nearer and nearer each day.

Exercise 4

These are exercises for the fixed positions of the eyes and strengthen the extra-ocular eye muscles (the muscles that move and coordinate the eyes). These also strengthen memory, learning ability, and attention span. These eye positions are described here with the objective of improving eyesight.

Start by looking straight ahead and hold each position for about 15 seconds. You may experience some aching of the eye muscles, which is normal with any muscles that are exercised. Between each exercise below, bring your eyes back to the central position and rest them for a moment before moving on.

  • Look to the left and up. This is for recalling visual memories.
  • Look down and to the left. This is for auditory memory and recall.
  • Look down and to the right. This is for kinaesthetic (touch) recall.
  • Look up and to the right. This is to create new visual forms.
  • Look horizontal and right. This is to create new auditory forms.
  • Look horizontal and left. This is for auditory memory & recall.

Look straight at the nose. This is for olfactory (smell) memories.
Look down and inwards, straight at the tongue. This is for gustatory (taste) memories.
Look up and inwards towards the space between the eyebrows. This opens the third eye.

These exercises can provide some improvement to your eyesight, particularly if you spend a lot of time at a computer. To get the most benefit from these, practise them every day. If you are not sure if they will work for you – try it every day for a month and judge for yourself.
Good luck and good sight to you.

Note: These exercises are not a substitute for professional advice and eye care.

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