It’s Not What It Is, But How You Look At It!

how you look at your problems picture

Everything in your life ultimately means what you perceive it to be. It’s your perspective that influence how you feel about everything and what the events that happen mean to you.

Whilst this may seem overwhelming for some, it means that instead of going through life feeling that your problems are overwhelming and too much for you to cope with, you can take control and change the meaning of them.

If you feel like you are adrift on the ocean and see land you might think it’s the best thing ever, but to someone who has been stranded on that island, desperate to get off, your small boat bobbing around on the cast ocean could be the best thing he’s ever seen.

What is a problem for one person can be viewed by another as an opportunity, and that is one of the key distinctions. It’s your perception of an event or issue that changes what it means for you and influences how you deal with it.

For example, if something happened in your life and you determined it meant life was going to be a struggle, then that is what it would mean to you. Yet if you changed that meaning it suddenly wouldn’t be a struggle at all.

You see this all the time with the people around you. Some people who are injured in accidents and paralysed will interpret that as the end of their life, yet other people will see it as an opportunity. You only have to watch the Para-Olympic games later in the year to see hundreds of inspirational stories of people who have chosen to see opportunities instead of problems.

Now you may be thinking, “But Jason, I can’t change what it means to me, that’s just what it means”.

Well, I’m here to tell you that of course you can and just by saying that you are programming yourself into the illusion that you aren’t in control of your life!

When you encounter something that drains your energy and makes you feel dis-empowered, such as a problem (or challenge) in your life, listen to your inner dialogue. How does it go?

Does it go something like, “Oh not, not again” or “Why does this always happen to me” or “I always seem to have such bad luck” or “Bad things always happen to me” or … anything similar – just listen to what you say to yourself – you will be surprised.

Whilst this is what you say automatically, you can change this and take control over your life and how you feel. Taking control of your feelings in this situation means that you are empowered to deal with the situation to your advantage. This doesn’t mean become an unfeeling robot that nothing bothers, but it means taking control of your life and being in a position of power, not weakness, for the issues life throws at you.

Whenever one of these little challenges rears its head in your life immediately start asking yourself questions. Questions change your state of mind by encouraging both your sub-conscious and conscious minds to provide answers. Positive questions encourage positive answers which put you in that position of power to be in control both of yourself and the situation.

start by asking yourself, “What is the best solution to this challenge for everyone involved” or “How can I … {whatever the challenge you’re facing} … and enjoy the process” or “anything similar. It needs to be a positive question that encourages solutions and empowers you, not one that shuts you don and stops you coming out on top.

Simply by asking questions you can start to change your perspective, which means you can start to take control. Once you are in control you can deal with the challenges life throws you from an empowered position, meaning you can find solutions more easily and use the changed perspective to make the most from life.

(Credit goes to the original artist for the picture, who sadly I don’t know)

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