HowThe Language You Use Affects The Weight You Lose

Weight Loss Motivation imageThere are probably millions of people across the world on diets and companies like Slimming World and Weightwatchers are multi-million dollar businesses. In fact, dieting itself is big business with our supermarket shelves full of food that is supposedly good for us with reduced fat, reduced sugar and reduced salt.

But there are three components to any successful weight loss program and whilst you can lose some weight with any one of these components, you will struggle to lose weight and to keep it off if you do not have all three working together in harmony.

So what are the three components to a successful diet?

1) Food
2) Exercise
3) Mindset

The first two have volumes written about them, just search Amazon for weight loss books and you’ll be inundated with results all promising results and that it will work for you! The thing is, most of them will work for you if you

a) stick to them
b) have the right mental approach

Ultimately, it is the mindset that determines the success of your diet as it is your internal computer that is in charge of your life. Get your mind on your side and you will be shocked by how much you can achieve and what you can do.

The language that you use every day affects your mindset as well as your waistline. The right language can make a huge difference in how well your diet goes and how good you feel about it. Every successful dieter has got a mindset that helps propell them to the success they want.

Let’s look at one of the biggest mistakes people make when they diet … they tell everyone they want to lose weight.

Think about the word lose for a moment. I mean really think about it.

What happens when you lose something? Say you lose a twenty dollar bill (or a similar amount in your local currency), how do you feel? How do you feel if you lose your house or car keys? How do you feel if you lose your favorite pet?

The answer is you don’t feel good. You see the language you use programs your mind whether or not you are consciously aware of it. People walk around talking all the time programming themselves and the people around them without even realising what they are doing.

The word loss or to lose has an awful lot of implications on your internal computer which really mess up your plans to be thinner!

It is human nature to find something that is lost. The Holy Grail has been “lost” since the dark ages, yet eight centuries later people are still looking for it! The Ark of the Covenant has been lost for about 3,000 years or more, yet people are still trying to find it! If you lose your car keys you go in to a panic and spend time and energy looking for them.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

If you lose weight then you are, by the very nature of your being, going to try and find it again! That’s why dieters who lose weight often find it again when they stop their diet (and often find a lot more than they had lost). Whenever we lose anything we will instinctively and sub-consciously attempt to find it again – which is not good if you have some excess weight that you no longer want.

But loss means much more than that. When someone dies we are said to have “lost” someone. When you break up from someone in a relationship a commonly used word again is “loss”. You are also said to lose your job when you are made redundent or fired.

Loss also implies regret and a sense of wanting it back.

If you actually did lose all the weight you want to, would you want to find it again? Would you regret losing it and want it back? Would you put in time and effort to find it so that it is no longer lost?

I doubt you would want to.

By now you are probably wondering what you should be saying instead. What if there were words you could use that didn’t have the negative connotations of the word loss and didn’t make you itch to get it back again.

The goods news is there are plenty of different words you could use that really help you to get the right mindset to become thinner.

Say to yourself “I lost 3 pounds this week” and then say to yourself “I got rid of 3 pounds this week” or “I shed 3 pounds this week”. You might want to close your eyes whilst you do this and just pay attention to your body and see how the three different phrases make you feel inside.

You will notice a difference with the latter two phrases because they are empowering phrases that make you feel great and imply permanence. These phrases will help you to not only get rid of the weight in the first place but to keep it off because they don’t leave room in your mindset for it to come back! Use these phrases when you are talking about your new healthy eating program and notice the difference in how you feel and how much easier it is for you to get rid of that excess weight!

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